At Virtually Healthy we believe that virtual reality is the perfect solution to get people up and moving, in a fun and motivational way – helping with both physical and mental health! So we’ve come up with the ultimate gift guide for including VR in your Christmas.

If you’re split from your friends/family this Christmas, VR is the perfect way to stay connected in a meaningful way. In VR you can play games and watch movies together in the same 3D space, which allows you to feel a lot more connected than just through a 2D screen! VR is for everyone and anyone, whether you’re 9*, 19 or 90 – I’m yet to find a single person that hasn’t enjoyed a virtual experience when given the chance!

For Your First Time

VR arcade vouchers/offers:

It’s hard to truly understand the capabilities of VR until you’ve tried an immersive experience for yourself! Check out your local VR arcade to try it and see for yourself – most VR arcades will offer gift vouchers which are perfect presents. We have some special discounts and offers just for you!



CentreVR – use discount code ‘virtuallyhealthy20’ for 20% off!


Player Ready – use discount code ‘virtuallyhealthy’ for 10% off gift cards

London (Camden, Hammersmith & Battersea Power Station):

DNA VR – use discount code ‘virtuallyhealthy’ for 10% off

London (Ealing)

Navrtar – use discount code ‘VirtuallyHealthy’ for 30% off!


VRVE – the VRVE try to keep the costs for customers down as much as possible and therefore are not able to offer any discount codes, but for just £60 up to 6 people can hire their VR studio and all play at the same time, making it just £10 per person for a whole hour of VR! Hats off to them for making VR as accessible to the public as possible. 


VR Here – use code ‘virtuallyhealthy10’ for 10 % off

Across the pond:

Halifax, Canada:

Atlantic Bubble – Nearby Planet  VR has a special offer launching this week. Spend $100 get $60 in gift certificates

VR Headsets

Perfect First Headset:

Oculus Quest 2: £299

The Oculus Quest 2 is the perfect first VR headset for getting you up and moving! (64GB should be plenty of space but if you have the money to spare you can also get a 256GB version). The Oculus Quest tracks your movement, allowing you to seamlessly interact with the virtual world. All wirelessly! Lots of great games to enjoy, and there’s no need for a PC, everything is in the headset! Although if you do have a VR ready PC, there is also the option to ‘link’ it to your PC with Oculus Link, to access a wider range of games.


PC VR Headsets:

If you have a VR ready PC you may want to consider one of the below headsets! For more info on buying a VR Ready PC, you can check out our PC guide here.

HP Reverb G2: £639

If you want the best visual experience for a reasonable price, the HP Reverb is for you (unfortunately they are currently out of stock but should be back in shortly!)

Valve Index: £919

For the best all round VR experience, including comfort, smooth experience, best tracking, the Valve Index wins it, having won the best VR headset of 2020! Also includes Half Life: Alyx Free (2020 VR Game of the Year)

Vive Pro: £1,119 

Wireless Adapter: £359

For the next best VR experience with the potential for wireless play (via an extra purchase of the wireless adapter), the Vive Pro is a great buy, including Half Life: Alyx and 2 months of Viveport (i.e. 2 months of unlimited access to a wide range of games) for free.

P.S. The wireless adapter is also great for anyone with an original HTC Vive!


Stocking Fillers

Mobile VR is a good basic introduction to VR (requires a compatible mobile phone). Enjoy 3D movies and scenes as well as some simple games (doesn’t track movement but give you an idea of what the tech is like at a very basic level)

Cardboard VR – £6.99


Mobile VR Shell – £15.99 (RRP £19.99)

For VR Owners:

Virtually Healthy Merch – £1.84-£32.10

Show the world that you are Virtually Healthy, and support our mission by purchasing some of our merch! You can get almost anything with the Virtually Healthy logo on – stickers, mugs, t-shirts, phone cases, hoodies, tote bags and more… Currently 22% off.

Bladeless Neck Fan: £8.99

Perfect for staying cool and reducing sweat whilst working out in VR!

Bluetooth headband – £17.99

Perfect for your VR workout!


Rechargeable AA Batteries (& charger): £20.79

A must have for Oculus Controllers! Save money AND the environment ^.^

AMVR Oculus Controller Handles – £24.99

Perfect for any Beat Saber lover

Shadow PC subscription – £12.99/month

Perfect for the Oculus Quest Owner with no VR ready PC: a remote VR PC – allows VR to be played through most computers!

Deluxe Audio Strap – £109.99

Quest 1 adapter – £13.05

Quest 2 adapter – £8.75

The ultimate comfort (& headphones) upgrade for your Quest (1&2)!

Prescription VR Lenses: From £59

It may seem odd to some people that you are still short sighted in VR, but you can fix that with these clip in prescription lenses. You’ll never have to worry about your glasses steaming up again! I can personally vouch for how much of an improvement is makes, especially when building up a sweat. Easy to take in and out if you share your headset with others. You can get them for most VR headsets.

Kiwi Design Accessories

We’ve managed to get you a special discount code for Kiwi Design – just follow our link above or use code ‘virtuallyhealthy’ for 10% off!  (Their store deals in USD but has free shipping worldwide, if you’d rather you can also buy their products off Amazon without the discount). Kiwi Design makes great quality Quest accessories at great prices! 

Leather/Memory Foam Cushions for HTC Vive & Vive Pro – £15.58

A must buy for keeping your headset clean and hygienic!

Quest Silicone Covers – £11.51

A must buy for keeping your headset clean and hygienic!

Quest Headset Cushion  – £12.87

Increase the comfort of your Quest (1&2) with this padded solution, the extra strap over the top of the head helps take away some of the weight from the front.

VR Cable Management System – £13.55

Tired of the cable getting in your way? Mount it on the ceiling with this pulley system!

Increase your immersion:

Multisensory Mask – £156

Add smell, heat, wind, vibration, and water mist to VR with this multi sensory mask! Fits onto most VR headsets.


Woojer Vest Edge: £262

($349 at current exchange rate – Ships from the US)

Feel the sound in 360 degrees, for a hair raising VR experience!

Bhaptics TactsuitX Haptic Vest: £320/£225 (at current exchange rate)

(€359 shipping from EU or $299  – preorders shipping from US)

Feel more in VR. You can even Hug, Shake Hands and Pat others on the back virtually!

Kat Loco – £179.99

Track your lower body in VR with the Kat Loco!

VR Games:

Humble Bundle – £0.77-£13.14+

Get some amazingly discounted games for SteamVR with Humble Bundle! Pay anywhere between £0.77 for 3 games to £13.14 for 8 – and one of the best things about this bundle is that part of your money goes to charity!

Oculus Black Friday Collections

Oculus also have great game bundles for up to 49% off!

There are also some great free and largely discounted games here! This is a list for Oculus Rift games but if you have PC VR you can play them through the Oculus Link and through SteamVR with Revive)


Viveport Infinity: £90.90/yr (or £12.99/month)

If you want to try out a wide range of games, Viveport is a great option – you don’t get to keep them at the end but if you want to play a variety of games that may not have too much replayability it’s definitely a great deal! Also includes Phasmophobia to keep if bought before 30th Nov.

Please note that all of these prices are subject to change and many currently include black friday deals.

*Most VR headsets have an age limit of 13 years old. There is still a lack of research into potential long term risks of VR for children. If you are allowing your child to use VR please be responsible with the amount of time and experiences you allow them to play.