About Virtually Healthy

We create virtual reality health programmes for fitness, rehabilitation and therapy, aiming to increase motivation to exercise through the use of gamification

Mental Health

1 in 4 people in the UK suffer from mental health issues: Those that suffer from mental health issues such as Anxiety or Depression struggle to go to gyms or work-out in public spaces.

Physical Health

Those with physical health issues may struggle to attend physiotherapy sessions, and have stated traditional rehabilitation programmes aren't entertaining or encouraging.


62% of UK adults are overweight: Motivation and interest is low for those with obesity to complete traditional work-out plans. Especially post-lockdown, at-home workouts are increasing.

Our solution

We are currently in the midst of a large research project, assessing the physical and mental health benefits of current VR games to develop VR health and fitness programmes. We are using 3D motion capture, heart rate monitoring and questionnaires. You can find out more on our blogs page!

There is a noted lack of adherence to current exercise programmes used in rehabilitation and therapy due to various barriers to exercise such as depression, lack of enjoyment, self-consciousness about body image and many more. The use of gamified virtual reality experiences overcomes many of these barriers. The amazing benefits of VR for health are highlighted and discussed in our research overview.

Research Services

We offer independent research services to VR companies who want to investigate any health benefits or general aspects of their game/product.

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Meet the Team

"From a young age my passions have been for sport and gaming (playing and creating). Whilst studying for a career in sport and exercise it became clear that gamification of exercise was needed to motivate people to get and stay healthy. Upon the release of the HTC Vive, my career goals became much clearer. After completing my BSc in Sport and Exercise Science I moved onto an MSc in Biomedical Engineering to further research into how effective gamified VR can be for fitness, rehabilitation and therapy. During my MSc research I created a working VR game and assessed its effectiveness as a form of exercise, with promising results. The game development and coding was all self-taught and all design decisions were based on research."​​

Katie Hoolahan

Managing Director

"While completing a Business and Enterprise module for my BA (Hons) in Event Management, I realised my strengths and passions were in Entrepreneurship. I went on to complete a MSc in Entrepreneurship from the University of Surrey, where I met my business partner Katie. Alongside my academics, I am passionate about health and fitness. Having lost 7 stone through healthier life choices, I've educated myself on health and fitness, and I have had firsthand experience in obesity. I understand the motivational issues that being overweight poses and I am personally invested in improving the overall health of our community. I have experience in Digital Marketing, Event Management and Website Creation.

Photo of Yasmin Beckett
Yasmin Beckett

Chief Marketing Officer